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Download to update to Software Assistant 2021.0.4

Please make sure you have upgraded to Software Assistant 2018 before updating to version 2021.0.4

2021.0.4 Update is now available!

If you have McAfee Total Protection installed, please disable real time scanning before applying the update.

Annual Taxation Statement (ATS) enhancement

You’ve told us that managing ATS data has been difficult since the ATO requirement of granular data in 2020. Well, we have some good news!

We have resolved a number of issues and made improvements to simplify the overall workflow. Data entered in the ATS will directly transfer to the respective worksheet/label and is also available in the print. Transferred items to some worksheets (for example item 13 and 20) will be read-only, so any changes needed will be required to be completed directly in the ATS.

ATS changes are available for both the 2020 and 2021 tax years.

Note: If you’ve created a 2020 or 2021 tax return and entered ATS data prior to this update, please refresh the return by opening the ATS schedule along with the related worksheet (Item 13, Item 20, Item 18,Item 24, category 4) where data is transferred. This will update the return including the tax return print.

ASIC Updates

Based on ASIC requirements, we have including in this release the following changes:

  • Digital Signature

    From1 August 2021, ASIC has advised that it will no longer be mandatory to digitally sign forms 201, 410 and RA50. Following this changes, Software Assistant will no longer send the digital certificate to ASIC.

    For more information about this change please visit and select the Contact us option.
  • Norfolk Island Reforms

    From1 August 2021, any companies currently registered under the Norfolk Island Companies Act 1985 (NI) are now be registered under the Corporations Act 2001. We have included the additional state/territories to support this new change.

    For more information about this change, please visit and search for Norfolk Island Reforms.

Help Updates(F1)

2021 Individual income tax return help content and ATO links have been updated based on ATO information.

In this update we have released fixes for the following bugs:

IITR 2021

  • Item 4: Lumpsum tax offset calculation error for code O & P

  • Zeros imported to the ATS when present in the ATO Prefill Report

  • Status does not appear when importing client data

IITR 2019/2020/2021

  • Study loan repayment calculation missing for anon-resident

  • 15year capital gain exemption not calculating correct when Index cost method is used

CTR 2021

  • Franking Account worksheet prints the incorrect Franking deficit tax amount 

TRT 2021

  • CMN.ATO.FTER.408375 validation error where FTER schedule is present, and N has been checked

  • CMN.ATO.IEE.410327 validation error due to incorrect XML element (IEE)

FBT 2021

  • SBR.GEN.AUTH.005 rejection error when lodging a2021 FBT return 

Asset Manager

  • Asset reconciliation report for GL balance incorrectly displays as zero

  • Depreciation value transfers an incorrect value to the journal when Diminishing method is selected

  • GST code disappears when selecting a new field

  • Unable to enter a dash “-“ when creating a new rule for a branch account


  • V276:Invalid legal elements for this type of company rejection error when lodging a Form 201

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