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Download to upgrade from Software Assistant 2016 to Software Assistant 2017

Software Assistant 2017 Upgrade

It’s time to upgrade to Software Assistant 2017. This upgrade includes 2017 Tax Time rate and calculation changes as well as all ATO forms available for preparation and lodgment via ELS. Also available in the Software Assistant 2017 Upgrade is the 2017 Individual Tax return for lodgment via PLS.

What’s new?  

  • Simplified registration screen 

  • Tax Audit Alert ATO updates for 2017

  • Student Startup Loan(SSL) form field and calculation changes 

  • Temporary working holiday maker tax form field and calculation change

  • Small business entity tax offset and turnover threshold amount change

  • Small business company tax rate and threshold update

  • New non-resident Foreign Income field and schedule available in 201T Individual Tax Return

22/06/2017 39.33 MB