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2021.0.7 Update is now available!

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ!                

This update contains an important change to the existing lodgement engine. If you do not install this update, you will not be able to complete ATO prefill requests, tax return lodgements, activity statement preparation and other tasks that require communication with the ATO.
Please install this update to avoid any issues.

After the install, if you experience any error, when trying to lodge or prefill a return. Please refer to the known issues page



If you have McAfee Total Protection installed, please disable real time scanning before applying the update.


ATO ELS LODGEMENT CHANGES (for 1998to 2016 tax years only)
The legacy ELS service that is currently used to lodge 1998to 2016 returns will no longer be supported by the ATO. A new ELSTag service will be replaced to allow tax agents to continue to lodge prior year returns.

The new ELS service will be available from 21st December 2021. Please ensure you lodge any prior year returns after this date.

As a result of this new service there are some changes:

1.    Removal of Transmission and Validation responses
The ATO will no longer send transmission and validation responses.
Software Assistant will provide a receipt of lodgement, however, to confirm the form/return was accepted/rejected by the ATO you’ll need to check the lodgement status in Online services for agents after waiting for at least 24 hours.

  1. New lodgement status
    To avoid re-lodging a return (by accident) and to help keep track of the lodged returns we’ve added a new status “Check on ATO”. Once a prior year return has been lodged, we recommend updating the status as a reminder to check with the ATO.

    Note: do no attempt to re-lodge a return as this will delay processing, due to duplicate lodgements being received

Note: this does not impact tax returns from 2017 and onward returns.


Reminder! All company directors will need to apply for a director ID. For key timelines when a director must apply by, refer to the Australia Business Register Services 

A director ID field is located within the Individuals and organisations details on the left panel in the ASIC register (it’s just under the Date of Birth field).


In this update we have released fixes for the following bugs:

   o   IITR 2021

o  Updated the transfer of value at Item D6 to Item IT6

   o   IITR 2020

o   Item 1 worksheet details disappear after a return is lodged and accepted

o   CTR 2021

o   Updated the transfer of the Loss Carry Back worksheet values to the main return labels

o   SMSF 2021

o   Out of date SMSF auditor's report   

o   Asset Manager

o   Ledger: Reconciliation Report print incorrectly displays overlapping text

o  Ledger: General SB pool depreciation - Assessable income was not calculated when Write off checkbox is selected

o   General

o   Unable to migrate clients to Onvio when a tax return is not saved

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