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Download to update to Software Assistant 2019.0.6

Please make sure you have upgraded to Software Assistant 2018 before updating to version 2019.0.6

In this update we have also released fixes for the following bugs:

  • IITR 2019: Validation error CMN.ATO.IITR.602014 and CMN.ATO.IITR.023015 are not generating correctly.

  • IITR 2019: Lump sum tax offset amount calculation issues for taxpayers who are above the preservation age have been resolved.

  • All Returns:When importing returns from another instance of Software Assistant, an issue causing the status of the tax return to display as blank has been rectified.

  • IITR 2019: The calculation for the Excess of private health insurance rebate amount has been corrected.

  • IITR 2019: The Other refundable tax offset amount not appearing in the tax estimate has been rectified.

  • IITR 2017: The calculation for the Early-stage investor offset amount has been corrected.

  • IIE and FTER (Standalone): The Interposed Entity Election (IEE) and Family Trust Election (FTER) schedules not appearing in the PLS Lodgement screen has been rectified.

  • IITR 2001-2004: An issue where amended tax returns that were marked as signed and ready to lodge but not appearing on the PLS lodgement screen has been resolved.

  • IITR 2019: An issue where an amount from item 20 label M was not being included in the IT5 – Net Financial investment loss worksheet has now been rectified.

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