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Download to update to Software Assistant 2018.2.5

Please make sure you have upgraded to Software Assistant 2018 before updating to version 2018.2.5

This is a mandatory update to make sure Software Assistant is compatible with the changes that the ATO has made to their environments. 

Please install this update before 15th March to ensure that you can continue to lodge returns to the ATO.

In this update we have also released fixes for the following bugs:

  • BAS – The enable Simpler BAS flag is no longer reverting back to blank when using PLS pre-fill.

  • Client Update – Return not necessary being rejected due to an extra space in the entity name has been resolved.

  • IITR 2017 – Incorrect implementation of V334 relating to health fund ID WFT has been resolved.

  • PLS Pre-fill – Now correctly imports the share percentage of investors for managed investment funds.

  • SMSF 2018 – The hide TFN issue in the member statement has been resolved.

  • SMSF 2018 – Gross interest amount in the worksheet not printing has been resolved.

08/03/2019 35.56 MB

*Renewals only 

Download to upgrade from Software Assistant 2017 to Software Assistant 2018.0.2

Software Assistant 2018 Upgrade

All 2018 Tax Time changes are incorporated and all 2018 returns are available for preparation and lodgment to the ATO via PLS.

  • Validation has been switched from ELS to PLS to give a more aligned experience with ATO validation 

  • Tax audit alerts 2018 changes

  • ATO prefill report changes for 2018 

  • New registration process during install (no longer user need to see or action the registration screen)

  • Cost of managing tax affairs changes at D10 and item 24

  • Removal of temporary budget repair levy

  • Corporate tax rate – Base entity flag and the threshold change

  • Treatment of reportable fringe benefit amounts

  • New Carried forward tax offset label for T8 and T9

10/07/2018 39.56 MB