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Download to update to Software Assistant 2019.0.2

Please make sure you have upgraded to Software Assistant 2018 before updating to version 2019.0.2

The main change introduced in this update are the new rates for the Low and Middle Income Tax Offset (LMITO).

In this update we have included the following changes:

  • PTR 2019: Exception code 004 and 005 are no longer incorrectly appearing at time of validation.

  • HELP / TSL / SSL Debt: Repayment calculation rate for repayment income bracket $52,974 - $56,151 has been corrected to 2%.

  • 2019 IITR: The default answers to yes / no questions are now populating correctly at items 18, 19 and 20 for new clients.

  • 2019 IITR: The correct period now appears on the summary tax return printout.

  • All returns: The postal address for new clients is now correctly flowing from the client details screen into the tax returns.

  • ASIC Forms: The Agent details are now correctly flowing from the Software Assistant options screen to the ASIC forms.

  • Tax Calculator (F6): The Low and Middle Income Tax Offset has been added to the calculator.

  • SMSFAR 2019: Validation error CMN.ATO.SMSFAR.437185 is no longer triggered when financial institution account details have been correctly entered.

  • Pre-fill: The “invalid character was found in text content” error which was preventing pre-fill has now been resolved.

  • CURRN: The “Extra-Err-Code” error which was preventing CURRN requests has now been resolved.

  • IITR 2017: The “Net Australian income must equal income less deductions” lodgement error has now been resolved.

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