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Download to update to Software Assistant 2019.1.2

Please make sure you have upgraded to Software Assistant 2018 before updating to version 2019.1.2

The main change introduced in this update is the ability for users to select to authenticate using the ATO’s new Machine to Machine (M2M) credential instead of their existing AUSkey.

How to download Machine to Machine (M2M) credentials:
 (Please bookmark this for future reference)

Then select the M2M on the ATO tab in the Software Assistant Options.

In this update we have also released fixes for the following bugs:

  • IITR 2019: The warning CMN.ATO.IITR.700002 is no longer generated when there is no business income at item 15

  • IDS2019: The position of the tick box at item 30D has been corrected

  • SMSF2019: The incorrect labelling of 15e and 15f has been corrected

  • CGT Worksheet: The 50% discount is now allowed for assets purchased prior to 8 May 2012 by non-residents

  • ASIC2019: The Members Information worksheet and report are now correctly populated from the Shareholder Information tab

  • ASIC2019: The Share Certificate printing issue has been rectified

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