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2022.0.2 Update is now available! 

Reminder! Disable your Anti-Virus software before you install 
If you have McAfee Total Protection installed, please disable real time scanning before applying the update. Please refer to the Validation/Lodgement –ERRORS_TAXONOMY_LOAD guide for steps on how to disable real time scanning. Please also refer to the above guide if you experience prefill, validation or lodgement issues after updating. 

To you ensure you get the latest update, make sure you have renewed your Software Assistant licence. 


CTR 2021 & 2022

o  “Losscarry back change in choice” worksheet layout updated

     (any LCB schedules with data entered will be cleared. It is recommended to print a copy prior to installing this update for your reference)

o     Added"Reportable tax position" schedule

IITR 2021 & 2022

o   Taxation Estimate now displays with commas

o   Added a custom validation warning message where the taxpayer may able liable for Medicare levy surcharge

o    Update the error message when machine credentials have expired with ATO information

IITR 2022

o    Validation errors now direct to the specific label where correction is required for income related fields and IDS errors

SMSF 2021 & 2022

o   Item D1: Foreign Income worksheet updated


o   Updated the Luxury car limit for the year 2023

o   Updated Financial Statement with latest reporting standards


IITR 2022

o   Updated the SAPT Othres holds based on correction from the ATO

o   Private health insurance details do not roll forward to next tax year

o   Interest worksheet is jumbled after completing ATO Prefill

o   VLS debt repayment amount not included in the Net Payable/Refund

o   CMN.ATO.IITR.730509validation incorrectly appears when a country has already been selected

CTR 2021

o   Extra code validation error generated when IEE populated

CTR 2022

o    Error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when validating the return

IDS 2022

o   Mandatory Validation XML04 incorrectly appears


o   ASIC form rejected due to country name including brackets


o   Error 1722 when attempting to install in a Windows 11 environment

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